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Wool Hand Crochet Blanket, Bedspread, Bed Cover, Throw


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This bespoke adult size blanket 70 x175 cm has been hand crochet by one of our local artist in 100 % wool using two different shades beige-grey and white wool using ripple pattern.

This type of pattern is resembling peaks and valleys and will look great in any room.

Wool is a natural product and doesn’t require washing as often, we recommend hand wash or hand wash cycle in your machine, but only if it is soiled, using soft wool washing products {we personally love to use hair shampoo and conditioner}. Wool is breathable and it cleans itself. To refresh you can just hang on the line to let the breeze work its magic , or as Jolanta suggests put it in the tight bag or container into the freezer and leave at least overnight and then dry it flat.

Wool matures with age and at the early stage, some people might find it to be a bit itchy, Jolanta swears that using hair conditioner during the wash softens the wool and reduces this sensation.

We also offer set of pillows made to complete the look

Available to ship as its shown on the photos. Custom orders can be arranged also


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