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White 6-90 cm Iron Ring Metal Hoops Dreamcatcher Supplies


White Metal Hoops

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Our metal hoops come in many diameter sizes from 6cm to 90 cm are made using metal circumference 2.8mm. Perfect for creating dreamcatchers, wreaths, and many more, smaller sizes can be used as base in sewing and yarn crafts.

Made in Poland

metal hoops white
6cm .50 cents
7cm .75 cents
8cm 1.00 eu
10 cm 1.25 eu
12cm 1.50 eu
15cm 1.75 eu
18cm 1.85 eu
20cm 2.00 eu
22cm 2.25eu
25cm 2.50 eu
30cm 3.00 eu
35cm 3.50 eu
40cm 4.00 eu
45cm 4.50 eu
50cm 5.00 eu
60cm 5.50 eu
70cm 6.00 eu
80cm 6.50eu
90cm 7.00eu

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Charity Drive for Multiple Myeloma Ireland during the months October to December 2022
50% of proceeds from sales in the Category will go to the Charity
In addition, 1% of all sales during these months will be donated by Yarn Haus to the charity as well.
We chose this Charity, as one of our amazing artists, Sarrah Ali has been diagnosed with this chronic cancer few years back and has been fighting it since. Sarrah embroidery art is available to purchase on our website and 50% of proceeds will go to the charity
Please consider participating
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