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Textile Adhesive Glue 50ml, transparent


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Instruction for use: Sticking area must be clean and dry. Apply glue on both sides. Especially on thin, fine fabric use glue very carefully so that it would not penetrate through the fabric. Then connect both parts firmly. By tapping on connection you will strengthen the connection. Remove redundant glue and immediately wash with water carefully. Hardened bits of glue wet with cleaning benzine and remove afterwards. Store it in a cool place but be aware that it is not frost-proof.
Glue in liquid state is white, non-transparent. When it gets hard, it gets transparent. In thin layer it is nearly invisible. Apply in thin layer, press glued sides together and let 30mins dry. Try first on small sample of fabric, especially when you use thin or transparent or white fabric. You can wash it up to 40° C , it still remains elastic, not hardened.
  • Volume: 50 ml
  • Weight: 57 g
  • Composition epoxy resin

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