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Set of Jewellery Pliers


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Set of Jewellery Pliers includes three types of pliers – Round-nose, Cutting and Flat-nose pliers.Round Nose Pliers – primarily used to bend wire for jump rings, chain making, filigree work, and wire wrapping. Both jaws have a round cross-section and taper to a fine point at the tips, making them great for getting into tight areas.

Diagonal Cutters – for cutting wire or small pieces of sheetstock. This is the most commonly used cutter and is available in standard bevel cut, flush cut and super flush cut. The tapered ends allow it to get into tight areas.

Flat Nose Pliers – useful for a variety of tasks, including: bending angles in wire and sheet, holding small beads, holding bezel wire during filing, and opening and closing jump rings. Both jaws are perfectly flat with a rectangular cross-section.

Due to the technology of final finishes we recommend to wipe pliers with paper towel before the first use.

  • Size: 12 cm
  • Set: 3 pc
  • composition metal, plastic
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