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Pebble Wall Art Friendship, love, happiness, air balloon, Milda


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This bespoke pebble art piece is a wonderful creation that embodies the essence of friendship. Cheerful background painted in light bright colors and the hot air balloon composed of shells and pebbles all express the joy a friendship brings.

The art piece is created on a canvas board. The Acrylic paints are used to paint the sky, the clouds, the seagulls. Then pebbles and shells collected on beaches in Ireland are used to complete a unique one of a kind artwork. The word “Friendship” is written on the basket pebble of the hot air balloon.

Many many hours go into creating this artwork, as well as a lot of love, care, and attention to the smallest details, and it shows.

The artwork can be personalized to suit your idea. If you would like another word written on the basket pebble, for example “Love” or “Happiness”, just let me know, and that can be arranged.

The artwork comes already framed and is ready to hang. Instead of glass the artwork comes with Perspex which does not break in transit and is safer to post/ship.

Milda is an artist specializing not only in Pebble Art, but in a broad range of creations: original acrylic paintings, limited edition signed prints, wood slice ornaments and coasters, and ceramics. She also takes commissions for portraits.

Kind Regards,
Your very own artist,
Milda Severinaite @Dream Vessel Art Studio

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We chose this Charity, as one of our amazing artists, Sarrah Ali has been diagnosed with this chronic cancer few years back and has been fighting it since. Sarrah embroidery art is available to purchase on our website and 50% of proceeds will go to the charity
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