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Paint Minerals


Turn your wall paint into chalk paint using Paint minerals by @phoenixlaois
Best works with matt wall paint but can also turn any other type by adding more minerals
Made in Ireland


Paint Mineral are non toxic, natural paint additives that can be used with any quality latex paints to create classic designer style finishes like chalk paint, mineral paint, gesso, impasto, gouche and color washes.

You choose the brand and color of your paint.

No sanding or priming is required. Simply clean your project, mix and paint. Paint minerals turns your leftover latex into amazing mineral paint that dries quickly, self levels and distresses easily.

Available in 150 grams and 250 grams

Made In Ireland


Mix 2 level scoops of 30 gram each of Paint Mineral, or 2 heaped tablespoons, with an equal amount of water. Place in a jar with tight fitting lid, we use small glass pot with lid, and shake thoroughly. It should be like creamy yoghurt consistency.

Add to one cup, approximately 250 ml of flat wall paint and mix well once more.

You can use other paints including satinwood, 3in1, mid sheen, but they might be thicker and require more water/minerals to achieve the correct consistency.

For thicker, textured paint add less paint to the Paint Minerals mixture.

Paint Minerals will stick to almost anything- wood, plastic, glass, laminate, fabric, concrete, paper, leather, clay, metal and more.

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