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Natural pine cones half 14-18 cm


Previous lowest price was 2.70.

Natural cones Gold or Silver in sizes from 10 cm to 15 cm, 

Sold per piece, you will receive random size.

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Halves of natural pine cones 14-18 cm

Measurements: 14-18 cm, size send randomly

Cones perfectly cut along

Color: Natural, Brown

Pini cone is a very durable element of decoration, and hence, it is very hard and in home conditions it is difficult to catch it and that’s why we have a solution for you! Cones already halved perfectly in half, along its height. Thanks to this, we can easily glue such a cone to a large wreath or make a 3D wall decoration out of it. To add a more exotic character to our composition, we can also use and make visible the middle of the cone, and some of those who admire our work will certainly be pleasantly surprised by our ingenuity.

Christmas is associated with a colorful Christmas tree, flickering lights and white fluff outside the window. However, when the weather outside the window does not spoil us, we can try to create this magical atmosphere in our home ourselves. Creating a festive mood will be made possible by small decorations that will introduce us to this special time. A great idea to create a Christmas arrangement is to compose your own reeds, which will be an element of which will be cones in a natural color.


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