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ITD Decoupage Soft paper A4 Set of 4 random designs


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A set of double-sided scrapbooking papers with dimensions of 15×15 cm and a weight of 250g / m2, acid-free and treeless. The set contains 24 papers (48 patterns) – 16 unique patterns occurring 3 times in the set.


You can choose from multiple selections of themes. You will receive complementing set of 4 classic high quality decoupage paper

SOFT decoupage paper 40 g/m2 – A4

Size A4 – 210×297 mm / 8.27×11.7 inch; 40 g/m2

is a very thin and durable, translucent paper designed for decoupage. Its weight is only 40 g / m2,which in combination with its very small thickness allows you to very effectively reduce the necessary amount of varnish. It is ideal for both smooth and structural surfaces. Thanks to the excellent properties of our SOFT paper, the air bubbles formed during application spontaneously disappear during the solidification of the adhesive. If a rare (watery) glue is used – Soft paper does not require prior soaking. If the paper is placed on a larger surface or if there is a need for gentle soaking, we do it on the side that we lubricate with glue, so that the edges of the paper do not wrap.

You can choose from multiple selections of themes. You will receive complementing set of 4 classic high quality decoupage paper. 

  1. contemporary painting graphics – contemporary artists. In this gallery, the ITD Collection presents works and paintings by contemporary artists.
  2. flowers, herbs, plants – A variety of patterns, small and large motifs of the surrounding flora. Flowers and floral motifs in photos, graphics, modern as well as in retro and vintage style.
  3. Roses – Everything that can be shown in the topic of roses. Often sought after, attractive, unique and beautiful. We propose various techniques depicting roses. Pictures of roses, paintings depicting rose bushes, branches and flowers, graphics with roses
  4. Icons – Gallery of decoupage papers dedicated to icon themes. Old icons, works of great masters: Tommaso di SerGiovanni di Simone, Massys Quentin, Lippo Memmi, Giotto di Bondone and others.
  5. Paintings – Gallery of great masters… Beautiful and well-known works of famous painters, now available on decoupage papers. Beautiful patterns and the most famous works of masters. The offer includes, m.in: Alfons Mucha, Giotto, Julius Adam, Frederic Leighton, Berthe Morisot, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, Rafael Santi, Leonardo da Vinci, Edgar Degas, Gustav Klimt, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Arthur Rackham, John Constable, Vincent Willem van Gogh ..
  6. ethnic, art of the world – ethnic motifs, traditional art, folk art, cultures of the world, art of the world, national art
  7. retro, vintage, antique – Attractive decoupage papers with retro and vintage motifs. Stylized as older.
  8. animals, birds, insects – Our suggestions for decoupage papers with animals. Beautiful horses,wild and fascinating tigers, domestic cats, colourful butterflies, hunting dogs, birds, peacocks, zebras, elephants, giraffes…
  9. fruits and vegetables – Something tasty for everyone… That is, tasty fruits: strawberries, grapes, peaches, cherries, currants … but also dry olives and peppers. Extremely appetizing motifs on decoupage paper for enthusiasts not only decoupage. To the pantry, to the shelf to the kitchen
  10. children – We also offer something for our little ones. Teddy bears, mice, angels and other cuddly toys. Full of warmth and colourful decoupage papers with childish elements.
  11. Christmas, winter – On the occasion of the biggest holidays, ITD Collection presents the most beautiful Christmas motifs that we have placed on classic decoupage papers. Cheerful and colourful Christmas motifs, elements for various items. Everyone especially likes to prepare for Christmas. Feel the magic of Christmas with ITD Collection papers
  12. Easter, spring – On the occasion of the Easter holidays, ITD Collection presents the most beautiful Easter motifs that we have placed on classic decoupage papers. Cheerful and colourful Easter motifs, elements for various items. Everyone especially likes to prepare for the holidays.
  13. ornaments, print room – In our offer you will also find often sought after and popular on decoupage papers ornaments, frames or Print Room. We have a large selection and variety of papers in this category. Interesting motifs and excellent paper on which we print them is certainly the best excuse to try our papers in the decoupage technique.
  14. Small elements – on decoupage paper. Classic A4 paper for all hobbyists who are looking for small and small elements on decoupage paper, for decorating very small objects.
  15. angels, cupids, elves – A gallery of decoupage papers dedicated to angels, cupids, elves and gnomes. Angels in painting, known and sought after, and the lesser-known, modern ones.
  16. for earrings, jewellery – Very interesting proposals for decoupage paper with elements for decorating earrings and jewellery. Decoupage paper for earrings is a proposal of ITD Collection for creative and ambitious, for artists and hobbyists.
  17. women’s hobbies, fashion – Paper for decoupage. Patterns created especially for women. Motifs that reflect their passions and hobbies. Interesting and expressive elements of dance and ballet. Women’s ideas for free time, fashion, memories of past eras, etc…
  18. in love, Valentine’s Day – Especially for lovers and for those closest to us, on the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day, we give classic decoupage paper with various motifs and symbols of love. Hearts, cupids, scenes of tenderness, cheerful scenes for jealousies, etc…
  19. cities, architecture – Famous and favourite cities on decoupage paper, now also in A4 format. The latest series of “beloved cities” are the most famous and popular cities in Poland or Europe. Our offer already includes: Paris, London, Prague, Moscow, Lodz, Rome, Athens… Monuments, characteristic buildings, charming architectural details. Castles, palaces, ruins, houses, doorposts, windows and shutters, muntin’s, garden furniture, lanterns, streets
  20. Special – Do you have your own preference and know what exactly you are looking for. Please choose this option and specify respective ITD Collection number of designs you would like to order
ABOUT ITD Collection:

“Our passion is paper, and what is yours?” has been the main idea of all our collections for years. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 20 years. We started as a tiny, four-person family business – two young, related couples. There were four of us, with four ideas for life, four characters and talents in four different directions. When we decided to share our shared passion for paper with others, we didn’t think it would be our idea for life. The history of our company is the history of our families. After the invitations to the wedding, together with our children, there were invitations to Baptism, Communion as well as congratulations, thanks, diplomas and annual Christmas cards.
Years passed. The children have grown up and for us the time has come for a hobby. We were delighted with the world of decoupage and scrapbooking, and since paper still inspires us, we were drawn in completely. We have not looked back and we already have over 4,500 designs of decoupage and scrapbooking papers and customers in 70 countries around the world. More than 5,000,000 of our papers have already been used to create extraordinary, unique, hand-made works that delight the eyes and hearts of people on all continents. Our team has grown over the years and there are already over 20 of us. It’s a very good team. The satisfaction of our customers and work on hundreds of new projects constantly positively drive us and give us great satisfaction.

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