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Growing handmade paper – Watercress set of 3


60 in stock (can be backordered)


Handmade paper stylized as old. Ideal for getting the zeitgeist, we especially recommend for replicas, stylized old prints. The paper was exhausted on a vintage sieve and imprinted between the felts from excess water, thanks to which it obtained uneven edges, a slightly rough surface. All types of handmade paper produced by are sealed, so you can write and print on them (we recommend inkjet printers, fountain pens, ink thin copies, etc.).

On growing paper, you can write, paint, print, mark them with ink stamps. You just have to remember to provide the seeds with conditions for germination, e.g. do not subject the papers to high temperatures, do not crush.

Growing papers are an ideal addition to bio, eco products, but also to emphasize the uniqueness of the product. They will certainly allow to remember.

This paper has uneven edges

Instructions to use when growing flowers:

  • put water into a container
  • add growing paper so its fully submerged in water and cover with see through foil or fabric
  • leave for few days but don’t forget to add water if needed
  • enjoy your flowers


Handmade in Poland

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