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Decorative drought Wood


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Decorative drought Wood


  • mix sizes, from 9 cm to 10 cm
  • diameter: from 0.5 to 1.5 cm

You will be send random piece, comes in 2 colours:

Pink colour

White Colour

Dried  sticks are a beautiful addition that you can use to decorate  any room  – at home, in the office, in showrooms and offices. Beautiful pieces of wood  enchant with their appearance and will surely make being in their surroundings more pleasant. You can put the dried fruit in a decorative  glass vase or in a jar,  tie it with a jute string and the composition will be ready. Beautiful colours  allow you to display the dried fruit in a visible place.

  • The beautiful colour of the dried fruit  will add charm to the room where you place it
  • You can decorate the  terrarium with it
  • Ideally suited as an element  of a floral arrangement , e.g. in a glass bench
  • The product is natural, so there are  natural differences in size and structure

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