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Christmas teddy bear with a bow, applique


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Christmas teddy bear with a bow, applique

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Christmas teddy bear with a bow, applique

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size:  8.5cm

symbol: MYH192771

Brown felt Christmas teddy bear with a red hat and a colorful bow . Such a teddy bear will decorate any gray and white interior. Perfect for a Christmas tree. The teddy bear can be glued or sewn as an ornament, e.g. on a backpack, bag or clothes. You can decorate a table cloth or a Christmas table runner with it. Teddy bear is a beautiful ornament that you can place on your Christmas tree. You can attach a thread to it, which will make it easier to place it on the Christmas tree. Such an app also works as a charming addition to gift wrapping.

A bear is a beautiful decoration for any interior.

  • size: 8.5cm
  • the teddy bear can be sewn on or glued to e.g. children’s clothes
  • the teddy bear will serve as a Christmas tree decoration
  • you can create a Christmas chain from several pieces
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