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Our goal at Yarn Haus is to provide you with a superior product and service at the most competitive price. We work hard to ensure that we surpass the expectations of our customers and deliver the assistance and advice that they need. With many years experience in the industry we can offer you our expertise and knowledge to help you today...

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Jolanta Rutkowska

My story from corporate manager to Opening Yarn Haus:

For many years i had evolved my life around my job, which gave me stress and not much happiness. Manager in finance department is not an easy job, specially in global multinational company. Not sure what exactly made me so sick but one day i simply was not able to leave my bed, focus on anything, and was in extreme pain in each part of my body. Many doctors, consultants, specialists and hospital visits, focusing on getting better i had been instructed to find a hobby and one of suggestions was knitting and crochet. When i was in primary school i had been introduced to both and really enjoyed making "something from nothing".

I went home, ordered hooks and needles and other necessities. Went to local discount store and bought some inexpensive yarn and started my jurney. It was challenging at first, but therapeutic, and only thing i was able to focus for longer than 5 minutes. Oh my first blanket was just all over the place, ripped multiple times, but i had not give up and kept going. After some time people had suggested to start selling and open a store, I created my own brand TwoNeedlesAndAYarn.

I love what i do, every free minute i am either knitting or crocheting and recently taken on sewing. I am now pursuing my dream of creating a place both in store and online for those that love crafting. I personally have picked each supplier to ensure I can stand behind products I supply, ensure every completed item had been inspected, each package has some personal touch, our instructors have the knowledge in their area. I personally plan and review each presentation. probably each item was touched and inspected multiple times by myself.

Yarn Haus supplies yarns, fabrics, notions, and other craft paraphernalia. We also sell our finished handmade in Ireland items under TwoNeedlesAndAYarn brand. We provide classes, demonstrations and advise to our customers. our focus is also ensuring that we are as Green as possible as we love our Mother Earth. Join our Reuse and Upcycle demonstrations in our location. Get to know Irish designers, learn about new crafts and how they impact our wellbeing. Bring your children to our Young Designers project classes. Or just simply stop by for a chat. Browse through our online store for supplies, purchase some made in Ireland unique items. Please send us any suggestions you have so we can serve you better.

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